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Check out other blogs that write about music and dance:


Mixed Tape Masterpiece

This witty and hilarious guy brings you back to his youth in the 80s where he cherished the mixed tapes that he recorded off the radio.  If you love eighties music (like I do) you should check him.  He makes his blog personal by bringing his readers into what happened during that time in his life and his connection to the various songs.

Hear! Hear! Music

With a focus on artists breaking boundaries and artist’s bringing a new twist to their work, this writer focuses on the live music and the artist as an individual through interviews.  In past write-ups, the writer has reflected on songs and albums drawing out the differences and strength of these works in today’s pop music scene.

The Immortal Jukebox

The name of this blog says it all.  The Immortal Jukebox reflects that you are never too young or too old to appreciate the classics   Thom Hickey brings you back in time with his music posts.  His most recent in July 2015 about Junior Parker (Next Time You See Me) and The Dixie Cups (The Chapel of Love).  Hickey combines the history of music and personal opinion into a nicely wrapped box on Christmas.

Consequences of Sound

The consequence of Sound is one of the first blogs I started reading regularly.  They post sometimes multiple times a day by different writers.  There is a focus on music, film, and new in the pop culture industry.  It is a great place to get information on upcoming music festivals or artists that are really good in concert that are a must see.


The Healthy Dancer

If you are a dancer and are looking for health explanations regarding injuries, technique teaching tools for the dance classroom or eating habits of a dancer than Diana Dart Harris has your blog.  She is trying to develop, teach, and inspirer dancers to be more aware of their bodies and what it says as well as cross-training and technique tools to bring to the classroom and dance careers every day.

Setting the Barre

A beautiful professional dancer Kristen shares her world with the public on and off stage.  The posts are short with numerous pictures of food, rehearsals, friends, and books.  She not only brings you into a dancer’s work but connects with the readers in a personal way by telling her story of her private life.


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